Taste the anticipation. Smell the adrenalin. Live the Scenario. U-TAC’s Urban CQB arena is themed to complete the realistic story lines re-enacted during scenario Airsoft. Come and test your metal in our 35000 sqm Facility including:- Village, Market ..Convoy …check points, helicopter, Embassy Marine Base Industrial area and Much More. The Corporate resting area includes; a state of the art armory – supplying professional airsoft devices (guns) – Comfy braai facilities, under roof waiting/briefing areas and full ablutions. Our Scenarios encourage team building, leadership and fun! Teams are pitted against each other and the clock, to plan, strategize, gather information, search for and collect components - all this while under fire! All our games are overseen by trained and experienced marshals ensuring fairness and keeping players’ safety top priority.


-We supply Replica devices for professional productions.

-The Air Soft Club provides a safe environment for own equipment players to enjoy realistic scenarios and game play.

-We facilitate private events for corporate and social clients.

Groups of 10-20

Groups of 10-20 can be accommodated 6 days a week. A booking usually lasts 2.5 hours, and comprises 5 to 7 short objective based skirmishes. We provide a scenario rich playing area, a corporate-standard player rest area, trained game marshals, hi spec millsim authentic devices (guns), long sleeve uniform tops (variety), quality protection masks, body armour for ladies,

Packages to suite your budget.

Groups larger than 20 can be facilitated but will be split into multiple teams, safety wise this is to limit the number of inexperienced combatants taking part at the same time.

Smaller Groups

By prior arrangement, groups of less than 10 can be integrated into our bi monthly Club Events as Club Guests, the guests are equally teamed up with experienced club members for a thrilling realistic scenario experience.

These events are made up of roughly 3 hours of game time.

Other Facilities

- Corporate level braai areas are available to be used by group members. (only Charcoal permitted)

- A custom built S.W.A.T. house can facilitate groups who are not keen on full contact participation, here targets are engaged and missions carried out against the Clock.

- A multiple target defensive pistol arena can be added or used separately by competitive players. This also offers non-contact excitement.


New and upcoming events

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5 April 2020


10 May 2020

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24 May 2020


30 August 2020

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